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Gunadarma Sharia Economic Event (GSENT) 2017

DepokNews — The United Nations stated that the current world is facing long-term development challenges. There are millions of people who still live in extreme poverty and struggling to fulfil the most basic needs like health, education, and access to energy. In this situation, we are also facing injustice in various countries. The occurrence of disparity in some sectors, particularly in economic sectors. These issues contained in a shared commitment to build the strength of economic fundamental to any country with the ratified documents about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that has 17 goals to transform our world.

In order to socialize massively and to provide understanding about the SDGs, particularly as one of the media in Islamic Economic Socialization. Thus, Sharia Economic Forum (SEF) proudly present the biggest annual event in Gunadarma University, Indonesia:


Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Through Implementing the Maqashid Al-Shariah: Noble Efforts in Creating a Just and Prosperous Society

National Seminar 1 (SN1) | Tuesday, April 04th 2017 | 08.30 A.M – 12.00 P.M (GMT+7)
The Long Term Impact of Islamic Education on Economic Growth
Keynote Speaker: Prof.Dr.Ir.KH. Mohammad Nuh, DEA (Former Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia)
Speakers: Dr. Muhammad Chatib Basri, S.E., M.Ec. (Former Minister of Finance of  Indonesia) | Dr. Muhammad Syafi’i Antonio, M.Ec. (Rector of STEI Tazkia)
Moderator: Novie Ayu Anggraini, S.E., M.M. (Relationship Manager of BlessingWhite Indonesia)

National Seminar 2 (SN2) | Tuesday, April 04th 2017 | 13.00 P.M – 16.00 P.M (GMT+7)
What Went Wrong? Is There Any Hope from Islamic Microfinance Enterprise?
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, M.B.A. (Head of BAZNAS) | Edy Setiadi, M.Sc. (Deputy Commissioner of IKNB – OJK) | H. Mahmud Ali Zain (Head of BMT UGT Sidogiri)
Moderator: Nur Azifah, S.E., M.Si. (Lecturer at Gunadarma University)

National Seminar 3 (SN3) | Wednesday, April 05th 2017 | 13.00 P.M – 16.00 P.M (GMT+7)
Sinergizing Health and Halal Lifestyle Towards Prospereous Society
Speakers: Dr. Sapta Nirwandar, S.E. (Vice Minister of Tourism & Creative Economy, 2011– 2014) | Prof. Dr. dr. Fahmi Idris, M.Kes (Director of BPJS) | Representative of The World Halal Food Council
Moderator: Dr. Davrina Rianda ( Founder of Klinik Rumah-Sehat)

Student Conference (SN4) | Saturday, April 08th 2017 | 08.30 A.M – 12.00 P.M (GMT+7)
Paving The Way of Islamic Economics and Finance : Inclusive Innovations
Keynote Speaker: Muliaman D. Hadad, Ph.D. ( Ketua Dewan Komisioner OJK)
Speakers: The Best Four Teams of Finalist of National Islamic Economic Olympiad

International Seminar 1 (SI1) | Wednesday, April 05th 2017 | 08.30 A.M – 12.00 P.M (GMT+7)
The Future of Global Infrastructure Vision toward Sustainable Cities
Keynote Speaker : Prof. Bambang P. S. Brodjonegoro, S.E, M.U.P. Ph.D. (Head of Bappenas)
Speakers: Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, S.T, M.U.D. (Mayor of Bandung) | Drs. Sitta Izza Rosdaniah (Director of Finance and Administration, Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulang Gadung) | Haider M. Sithawalla (Chairman of Warees Group, Singapore)
Moderator: Muhammad Rizky Rizaldy, S.E. (Lecturer at Gundarma University)

International Seminar 2 (SI2) | Friday, April 07th 2017 | 08.00 A.M – 11.30 A.M (GMT+7)
“Integrating Environment and Energy Management System towards The World’s Betterment”
Speakers: Faisal Basri, S.E., M.A. (Head of Reformasi Tata Kelola Migas Team)| Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc. (Minister of Environment and Forests of Indonesia) | Representative of Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Moderator: Representative of Mining Corporation

*All speakers are on confirmation

Ticket Price:
National Seminar (SN): Student/Public: 35.000 IDR/Seminar/Person
International Seminar (SI): Student: 80.000 IDR/Seminar/Person | Public: 100.000 IDR/Seminar/Person

Facilities: Certificate, Module, Snack, Souvenir, etc

E41 Building, Gunadarma University, Kelapa Dua
J1 Lobby, Gunadarma University, Kalimalang
Online Registration :

Contact Person:
+62 895 3441 42162 (Male)
+62 822 4340 9237 (Female)

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